If You Can Picture It,
                                   We Can Build It.


In this day and age of fast pace life and instant gratification the word “Craftsmanship” has suffered.  What does being a Craftsman mean – well to me it is synonymous with Quality and Pride, both of which I bring to my craft of Woodworking.

I have always been in awe of our forefathers and their ability to construct Quality pieces of furniture and cabinetry with the most basic of tools, but what they did have was the Pride in building pieces that would hold their names and represent their work for generations.  

What type of Old World Craftsmanship can you expect from me?  You can expect that I stand behind all of my work.  I will call you when I say I will, show up for appointments when committed, and my workmanship will be of the utmost Quality.  

My design and construction of your piece will be done with care and concern for details.  What does this all mean?  It means that I care about the details of your project.  Details such as all corners being merited with precision, drawers made with dovetail joints, the best quality of material will be used in the construction of your piece, and the Finish quality will be done with care and patience.

All of this Old World Craftsmanship translates into you getting what you want, when you want it and with the Quality and Care that makes me proud to sign my name to your piece so generations to come will know that I cared about my craft.