If You Can Picture It,
                                   We Can Build It.


This is a Multimedia File Storage Cabinet with two file drawers.  The purpose of this piece was to combine all of the CD, VCR tapes, DVDs, with all of the media and entertainment devices.  Along with the multimedia function of this piece there are two file drawers on the left side of the unit which hold hanging folder for household papers. 

The unit is made from solid Oak with dental molding as an accent around the top and two corner shelves to hold both decorations and a speaker for the stereo system.  It was made with the option to add a glass door to cover the media and entertainment devices.

This piece turned out to be a great organizer and space saver.


This is a christmas tree stand that incorporates shelves for houses.  It was made so it can be taken apart and stored in a
 5 inch space when the holidays are over.