If You Can Picture It,
                                   We Can Build It.


Hello, welcome to my site.  My name is Joe Massanova and I have been designing and building furniture and cabinetry, for over 30 years.  I’m the father of three girls (Katie, Rebecca and Caroline) and my love for woodworking started when my oldest daughter was born and I built a shelf unit for her bedroom to hold her beginning collection of dolls.  
I must admit that my skills, tools, and craftsmanship were limited and crude at the time.  However, even with my limited abilities my first project came out pretty well, but more important than the quality of the finished project was that I was hooked on woodworking.  
I am one of five boys and my father, John, always encouraged my brothers and I to use our hands and try things on our own and he was always there to help and aid when necessary.  With this encouragement, I started to pursue my new fascination with building furniture and cabinetry.  I knew woodworking was going to be my passion because up until then and, to my beautiful wife Jackie’s chagrin, I had tried every hobby and would abandon them as soon as I had purchased all of the necessary gadgetry that applied to such hobby. Woodworking was different.  
The love of working with and caring for wood, and using my two hands to create furniture that someone could actually use and cherish was the ultimate feeling.  So, I started to hone my craft and skills, and for over 30 years and many, many projects later I find myself able to offer others my services and craftsmanship. 

Thank you for visiting my site and please let me know how I can create your dream piece for you. 

Joe Massanova
Furniture Maker